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The unanimous Declaration of the
thirteen united States of America

I. Need to dissolve certain political relationships.
II. Need to assume powers which God entitles man.
III. Declaring separation from an unjust government.
IV. Self-evident truths elaborated.
  • A. All men are created equal.
  • B. God our Creator gives to each unalienable Rights.
    • 1. Life, Liberty, Happiness, property, safety, respect, privacy, etc.
  • C. The purpose of government is to protect the weak from the strong.
    • 1Fact: The Revolution was not out of rebellion by the colonies, but rather England rebelled against God's Law by repeated injuries of usurpation and tyranny. The young colonies were forced to defend themselves against England's tyranny.
      • a. eg. Bad laws, bad courts, police state (swarms of soldiers), taxes without consent, deprived of trial by jury, deporting people for trial, England declared the colonies out of their protection, rights of individuals plundered.
      • b. The colonies repeatedly petitioned England, but only received repeated injury.
      • c. England was warned from time to time.
      • d. England was deaf to the voice of justice.
V. The colonies appealed to God the Supreme Judge of the world.
VI. The colonies right to be free and independent.
VII. Under the protection of God they pledged their lives, fortunes and honor.

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