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   PREAMBLE: Limiting the federal government:
   "An expressed desire to prevent abuse of federal powers!"
I. Religious freedom, both to an establishment as well as the free exercise thereof; freedom of speech, press; right of petition.
II. Right to bear arms.
III. Quartering of soldiers.
IV. The right to privacy and security against unreasonable search and seizures; search warrants.
V. Grand Jury, double jeopardy, no one must witness against himself, no loss of life, liberty or property without due process.
VI. Speedy and public trials, impartial jury; nature and cause, right to confront; compulsory witnesses, assistance of Counsel -- note, does not say attorney.
VII. Right to trial by jury according to the rules of common law -- Ten Commandments are the foundation of Common Law.
VIII. Excessive bail, fines, punishment etc. prohibited.
IX. Rights beyond Bill of Rights belong to the people.
X. Undelegated powers belong to the people unless given by the people to the states.
Articles I-X were proposed Sept. 25, 1789, ratified Dec. 15, 1791.
XI. Restriction of judicial powers, proposed Mar. 5, 1794, adopted Jan. 8, 1798.
XII. Manner of electing the president and vice president, proposed Dec. 12, 1803, adopted Sept. 25, 1904.
XIII. Slavery and involuntary servitude prohibited, took effect* Dec. 18, 1865.
XIV. Citizenship and status defined, privilege of 2nd, 3rd, or whatever status of citizenship one selects for oneself, as opposed to Freeholder with full sovereign rights; apportionment of representatives; who is prohibited from holding office; public debt. took effect July 28, 1868.
   There is serious doubt as to the legality of this amendment because of the manner of ratification which was highly suspect. At least 10 States were held by force of arms until the proper authorities agreed to vote for this amendment. An excellent overview of this was written by the Utah Supreme Court -- 439 Pacific Reporter 2d Series pp 266-276, and for a more detailed account of how the 14th amendment was forced upon the Nation see articles in 11 S.C. L. Q. 484 and 28 Tul. L. Rev. 22.
XV. Non Freeholders given right to vote, took effect Mar. 30, 1870.
XVI. Income tax, took effect Feb. 25, 1913, possibly only four states ratified it properly.
XVII. Direct elections of senators; electors; vacancies in the senate, took effect May 31, 1913. This moved us from a complex Republic to a simple Republic much like the style of government of the Soviet Union. State rights were lost and we were plunged headlong into a democracy of which our forefathers warned was the vilest form of government because it always ends in oppression.
XVIII. Prohibition of liquor traffic, took effect Jan. 29, 1920.
XIX. Voting for women, took effect Aug. 27, 1920.
XX. Terms of the president, vice president, senators and representatives; date of assembling of congress, vacancies of the president, power of congress in presidential succession, took effect Feb. 6, 1933.
XXI. Eighteenth Article repealed; took effect Dec. 5, 1933.
XXII. Limits of the presidential term, took effect mar. 1, 1951.
XXIII. Electors for the District of Columbia, took effect April 3, 1961.
XXIV. Failure to pay any tax does not deny one the right to vote, took effect Feb. 4, 1964.
XXV. Filling the office of the president or vice president during a vacancy, took effect Feb. 23, 1967.
XXVI. Right to vote at 18, took effect July 5, 1971.
*   Took effect is used as there is a great deal of suspicion as to the nature of these amendments (common law vs equity law), also whether the last 16 amendments are legal, how many were ratified correctly, do they create a federal constitution in opposition to the original, etc. For further studies a good place to begin is with the article by the Utah Supreme Court on the 14th amendment, 439 Pacific Reporter 2d Series, pp 266-276, and Senate Doc. 240.

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